At last, finding property or rental in Bulgaria just got easier!

Find what you want in Bulgaria easily without spending money and wasting your valuable time!

Are you a bargain hunter, looking for a new home, holiday home of your own, rental options, or seeking an investment property? DOWNLOAD HomerBG2 the latest Android app!

Latest: New version is now complete with English, Bulgarian, Russian & Greek Language options.  Also with a Bookmark option for your favourites, PLUS……..  offline mode to store map and property data on your phone for poor internet network coverage areas.

NOW includes instant notifications to your phone, so be the first to find out about the latest deals available!! Requires one click registration which can be switched on or off if required in the settings menu?

Here at we give you the opportunity to dowload this FREE Android app (HomerBG2), for your mobile phone to assist in your search for property, apartments or rental accommodation in Bulgaria.  (Guaranteed NO ads in the app)!

Having done my search for my dream home a few years ago, I know the wasted timemoney and effort we put into locating the right place.  Some agencies will show you what they have but not necessarily what you want!

This was what prompted me to start writing the app, for the benefit of others.

Again, from my own experience, I know that in some areas of Bulgaria it can be difficult to get internet access especially when on the move, so the app was designed to be completely functional on-line and offline!

It is so simple to use, just select your Region of interest, then select from the available villages with items for sale within that region and drill down to get full contact/image/description details on your item of interest, plus zoomable  Map details to show exactly where it is and how to get there!

With HomerBG2:-

  • YOU decide what you want to see.
  • YOU make the contact using available details.
  • YOU arrange a convenient time to view.
  • YOU save money on wasted trips, time and fuel.
  • Plan your day to suit YOU and save yourself stress.
  • If you have previously downloaded the app, you can even search for properties whilst flying on a plane to Bulgaria as no internet connection is required!


What does it do for YOU?

  • Allow you to plan and view cheap genuine properties easily.
  • Allow you to search your target Region and preferred area.
  • Allow you to search on your own budget price.
  • Allow you to arrange viewings etc while travelling giving you more flexability.
  • SAVE you a lot of time and money!



Contact several available selections in each area beforehand and try to make it a ONE day excursion, rather than a wasted week or more with many trips, (as we did)!

Before downloading the app, please take the time to sign up for future emails.  This way, you are sure to be up to date with future versions and functions which are already under way.

We guarantee this App is totally free and ad free for mobile users and all subsequent updates/enhancements will also be free for download.

(No personal data will be stored on this site except email for news details (plus phone ID for live notifications) and will NOT be passed onto any third party or sold in any way.  Passwords are encrypted for your protection also.  If you receive any email requesting any personal information from this website address and not from me personally, then DELETE it).

Unless you receive news or an email about any new version from myself, you DO NOT have to download the app again. If new properties have been added since you last used the app, you will be informed via instant notification, if you registered from the setting option (with brief descriptions), after which you can select ‘Update‘ from the main menu (which takes seconds) and see them on the app instantly!


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