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Looking to sell your property or apartment the cheapest, fastest and easiest way?

Can you believe that only €20 can get you advertised on HomerBG, the new FREE app available for use with all Android mobile phone owners?

This means you can have your property advertised on thousands of mobile phones for life, (yes life) or until you make the sale!  For only a one-off payment of €20!!! Anyone coming to Bulgaria, whatever their business, whether it be to holiday or property search with this free app will be able to access knowledge of your asset/property, including, all contact details, location, map reference (if supplied by you)?  If you supply Google map co-ordinates and share the details when asked, people from all over the world who may be planning a trip to your area in Bulgaria will see your property and location. Click here for instructions on getting your Google map.

This data is live, so interested parties can use their phone to locate your place instantly and very easily.

You can also post your web site details (if any) for more info, name, contact number, email.  By default, the English Speaker is set to Y and will only change if specified on your submission.  (This also lets the traveller know if they can call you easily and chat or if they need and interpreter).  You can add about a 1000 character description of your premises and services.  If you have an agent who deals with your property sale, then submit their contact details instead!

The app is expected to attract a lot of attention, so the chances of actually getting viewers and making a sale, for the very small cost involved (yes, €20), can increase dramatically!  You cant get a decent one month ad in the newspapers for less and it is for life, or until you stop selling or have made the sale, in which case, we would like to be notified as soon as possible, to save wasting other people’s time and maintain the credibility and accuracy of the data.

Does anyone know your place exists or is available?  They will  this way, as it will appear in the count for each area/village in each search on the app.  Someone may be coming to see another place near you, they may have heard of or saw on the internet.  If they have downloaded the FREE app, they will also notice your place in the data and may just have a look? So it can be a handy catch-all method for the very small cost?

Check out the required details for signing up here before starting.

Interested? Go for it.

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