Looking to rent out your property, apartment or advertise your B&B business the cheapest and easiest way?

Can you believe that only €20 can get you advertised on HomerBG (for life), the new FREE app available for use to all Android mobile phone owners? No commissions, other payments, €20 that’s it!

This means you can have your business advertised on thousands of mobile phones for, (yes it’s life) only a one-off payment of €20

Anyone coming to Bulgaria, whatever their business, with this free app will be able to become aware of your business through their mobile phone, including, all contact details, location, map reference (if supplied by you)?  If you supply Google map co-ordinates (free), people from all over the world who may be planning a trip to your area in Bulgaria will see your business and location.  Click here for simple instructions on getting your Google map details.

The app can be updated in seconds with any new businesses, so interested parties can use their phone to locate you very easily and quickly. With rentals, we ask that you specify a price per night (in €) per person as a default. Once contacted, you can negotiate a long term stay or other possible options/deals.  We do NOT get involved and do NOT take any commissions!

You can also supply your web site address for more instant user info, name, contact number, email.  You can add about a 1000 character (not word) description of your premises and services.

The app will attract a lot of attention for anyone travelling to Bulgaria, so the benefits to you for the very small cost involved (yes, €20), can be enormous!  You cannot get a decent one month ad in the newspapers for less and it is for life, or until you stop trading for any possible reason, in which case, we would like to be notified, to maintain the credibility and accuracy of the data.

Check out the required details for signing up here before starting.

Interested? Go for it.



Due to user feedback, we can offer a webpage to display 10 more lovely images and details of your Rental Business if you do not have a website of your own!

For an added €10 ONLY, your customers can see much more!  This offer comes with the same one-off payment for life! Click here for an example!

To accept this offer and add to your purchase, please click the link below:-

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