Sell your property the cheap,  fast and easy way!

Welcome to’s latest development, HOMERBG2 where we give you the opportunity to publish details of your Bulgarian property for sale on the latest FREE app “HOMERBG2″ for Android phones.  This gives potential buyers of your property instant access to your property details, location and most importantly… your Contact details instantly!


The FREE latest version will now be in English, Bulgarian, Russian & Greek.  It includes offline mode, (for areas with no or minimal internet connection), for faster searching, plus it now includes a bookmarks facility, online/offline maps, your instant contact details including phone number, txt, email and Web address (if one is supplied by you or your agent)?
NOW includes instant notifications to users’ devices, so ALL users will be alerted to your property sale instantly!

Take advantage now!

HOMERBG2 will supply the data YOU provide (see specific terms below) and allow potential buyers to search on prices, areas and villages to locate any specific item of interest immediately, even while on the road.

Typical rental

HOMERBG2 is NOT intended to replace Estate agents or others, indeed it is the opposite!  There may be times when your agent is the only quick contact available to help any interested parties!

If you have an agent acting on your behalf, we STRONGLY suggest you register the Agents’ contact details, phone number etc, rather than your own, especially if you are selling a holiday home and cannot be here most of the time to show your property at short notice.  You could quite easily lose someone’s interest if they have to wait, do not get an answer or cannot arrange a viewing.

Bear in mind, if you have supplied the map details and contact details, they may already be looking at viewing your place and planning a route?

For a one-off fee of only €20, you can have your property or apartment advertised on the latest Android phone app, HOMERBG2.  As mentioned this is a one-off payment fee, for life or until sold, regardless of whether it be rental or not, (is that a bargain)? We do especially ask that, if you sell your property or apartment, that you contact us as soon as possible so we can remove it from the live database to prevent people contacting you and wasting everyone’s valuable time!!!!

No Payment details are stored locally for your security.

Need MORE information?

Property & Apartment owners, please read more here.

We guarantee, there are no catches whatsoever.  We do NOT get involved, your transactions are between you and the buyer, we do NOT charge any commissions whatsoever!  Just ensure your supplied data is accurate and correct!

We do insist that information given is accurate and if this is found not to be the case, then the item advertised will be removed from the live database without any refund if any inaccuracy is deemed to be intentional . (Please read the few terms and conditions before agreeing).

Don’t forget, this app and all future releases are entirely FREE, so much more likely to be used by the continually growing amount of Android mobile phone users.

Get your business done the quick and easy way by clicking below to get your property/apartment advertised in everyone’s pocket for a small one-off fee! Simply click on the ‘Add to Cart’ icon below and get your place out there, plus check out the new promotional deal further below.

Please check out the Required data page and prepare your data beforehand.



Due to user feedback, we can offer a webpage to display 10 more lovely images and details of your Property if you do not have a website of your own! Click here for an example!

For an added €10 ONLY, your customers can see much more!  This offer comes with the same one-off payment for life!
To accept this offer and add to your purchase, please click the link below:-

Click on the checkout option in the right hand side or click ‘Checkout’ from the menu to confirm your purchase via secured Paypal.

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