Create Google map

Create a free google account and log in.
Go to Maps on the menu (While logged into your google account,  or search on the internet for google maps).

Type in the village or postcode and country.  (You should get options dropping down as you type?)  If you see a diagram, then click on the Map image on the top right of the map, select Satellite view.

On the map, click on the ‘+ button, top left below the picture of the man to zoom in for more detail to help locate your property. Move with the direction arrows (top left, circle) until you locate your property, or use the mouse to drag the map (click and hold the left mouse button).
Right click with the mouse and select ‘Center map here’ when you have found your property.

To get the co-ordinates of your property right click and select the “What’s here” menu item.  This will give you the basic coordinates from Google maps, this is the minimum you need to enter into the database to let others locate/view your property when they are using the app; so copy the coordinates and paste them into notepad or something for filling the form later, as your Google map details.

If you want to add more detail, then you will see a balloon shape near the top of the map.  Click on this and drag it above your property.  Then you can enter more details about the place which will be available for anyone viewing it.

On the right of the page, above the MAP/Photos icon, you should see 3 icons, a printer, a letter (email) and the third one is link.  Click on the link picture and you will see the text “…” etc .

Right Click on the highlighted text and select Copy, then paste this into a word processor package such as Notepad, as you will need this later.

This is your map code for your property, so keep these details safe.  If you want a Google map to appear in the app along with the property/rental details, then you must include this link in the details form where asked, after payment when applying for the property to be added to the app database.

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