Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

homersparadise.com, (hereafter below referred to as WE) insist on the following stipulations:-

You must agree to the following terms and conditions before either downloading the app or purchasing an ad for details of your property or rental business:-

No Payment details are stored locally for your security.  We do NOT ask for such details.

Any disputes or arguments between a buyer and seller/renter should be discussed sensibly between both parties.  This not our responsibility.

We are not a third party to such events.  If there is a fair grieveance, then we can take that on board as observers, but agreements etc are beyond the scope of homersparadise.com.

We supply the software for viewing and the advertiser supplies the data that goes into it. homersparadise.com’s responsibility ceases there.

If your property is empty and you have no immediate neighbours, then consider giving map details to your agent rather than your property!!! Do not encourage misuse of this app and inform the wrong people of empty properties.  The map option is your choice and not obligatory.  Better safe than sorry!  In the event of any unfortunate events at your property whilst appearing on the app, we do not take responsibility for it.  The data you supply is your choice alone.

HomerBG APP:

The app and all code belong to homersparadise.com.

The app and all code must not be modified in any way.  If this does occur, then legal procedures will be brought against any such activity.

The copyright for this app remains with homersparadise.com and users should obtain a validated copy by downloading from this website.  Failure to do so, will result in no support. There will be no reimbursement/recompense for any issues resulting from a non-validated copy of our software.

Our software is installed at your own risk and no responsibility for lost data or damage to hardware can be attributed to homersparadise.com.

Using this app ‘live’ will require an ‘live’ internet connection, the costs will be dependent on your network service charges.  WE are not responsible for any phone bills or any costs incurred with the usage of the app.

Advertising properties, apartments or rental businesses:-

You must fill in as much of the requested data as possible.  ALL  data MUST be accurate and in no way misleading or ambigous.  If this is found not to be the case, then the property/business will be removed with no refund, unless a valid reason can be given against any complaint.

WE will not accept any blame or fault with any data supplied by you.  The data is your responsibility and any advertised property should be your own personal property or you have legal rights to supply this on the owners behalf.

WE take no responsibility for confirming/checking this data/title or ownership.

We cannot guarantee a sale or rental, but hope this goes a long way to helping you achieving one.

Very minor changes may be made to data on SPECIAL request, but will be dependent on the changes and our available time/resources.  We will endeavour to help as much as possible, but we do insist you read the required details and have them ready and verified before payment/submittal.  Continual applications for changes/amendments will require an extra agreed fee.  Small changes as in price, can be waived!

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